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Steve Burton


Steve Burton is the  founder and principal of Equity 1, Inc.. Steve helps his clients take control of their financial future and provide a financial legacy for their families.

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About Us

For over a decade, Steve Burton, President of Equity 1, Inc., has been helping individuals throughout Virginia Beach, Richmond and across the Southeast, take control of their financial future and provide a financial legacy for their families.  In 2005, Steve took his financial strategies to the radio airwaves. Today he can be heard weekly on WNIS AM790 in Hampton Roads and on WRVA AM1140 in Richmond. Steve assists clients in making appropriate financial decisions by listening to their needs and educating them on their financial options. This enables them to enhance financial stability, predictability, and to gain a better understanding of their financial needs and goals. Your financial goals and objectives will vary depending on what stage of life you are in and various other factors that Steve will take in to account during your private one-on-one sessions with him.

Whether you’re retired, approaching retirement, getting married, buying a home, paying down debt or starting a new business, there’s an important point to keep in mind: It’s never too early – or too late – to take control of your financial future!


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